Colony Resistance Forces

The Colony Resistance Forces are a relatively new group of individuals, only in existence for a little over a year. The Forces are a loosely organized group of individuals who believe the colonies have grown to a substantial size and population to warrant their own government or governments, apart from the faceless, militaristic New AGE. There have been underground resistance movements springing up around the colonies since the New AGE increased its military population in the colonies on Christmas Day, 2500 (See Treaty of Earth, Article 269). It was only in the past year that the leaders of these separate colonial resistances realized that others throughout space shared their goals. They met secretly on Mars in January of 2548, and wrote the Treaty of Mars.

Since the Treaty of Mars, the Colony Resistance Forces have amassed their own formidable forces, while not with the same numbers of the New AGE. The Colony Resistance Forces often use guerilla warfare and are known for smuggling supplies and weapons between colonies to their most needed locations. While both the New AGE and the Colony Resistance Forces have access to spaceships with weapons capabilities, rumor has it the Colony Resistance Forces are researching and developing a new kind of technological weapon that could decimate a New AGE military squadron.

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Colony Resistance Forces

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