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Universe Background:

The year is 2549. Over the past 76 years, the New Allied Government of Earth, or New AGE, has settled colonies on the moon, Mars, and many of the moons of Jupiter. The New AGE has also set up 11 space stations in geocentric orbit around the Earth. It is a time of political turmoil and military unrest. Mob rule is widespread. There have been uprisings all over due to the government’s increased presence in the colonies. The New AGE has sent highly trained soldiers to enforce martial law and guard against revolts.

Delegates from the colonies met on Mars secretly to discuss the New AGE tightening its military presence. Their meeting did not stay secret for long. They agreed that an alliance was needed to counter the government’s forces. They signed the Treaty of Mars and formed the Colony Resistance Forces.

The war between the New AGE and the Colony Resistance forces is waged with large robotic suits called Mechs. Mechs are the primary military weapons of this modern age.

18 months ago, a new gene was discovered in some of the residents of the colonies. Those with this gene were seen to have incredible speed, strength and reflexes, heightened senses, amazing perception, quick and accurate intuition, and a capacity for learning that far surpassed those without the gene. Unsurprisingly, those with the gene make extraordinary Mech pilots and fighters, but many develop an entire range of useful skills. Those with the gene are known as Extraordinaries, or X’s. Hypotheses abound about why Extraordinaries are more common in the colonies, but there are some born with the gene on Earth. Extraordinaries come in all sizes and sexes. Perhaps the rigors of space wreak havoc on human DNA. Perhaps there are some that are the result of genetic experimentation. Perhaps divine intervention.

The colonies are basically a powder keg of genetics, technology, martial law and mob rule. It’s been reported that both sides of the war are rounding up Extraordinaries off the streets to fight in their militaries, in the name of “maintaining order,” “freedom,” and “the greater good.”

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