Both forces, the New AGE and the Colony Resistance Forces, use giant (typically about 75 feet tall) human-shaped robots as their primary military weapons. Each mech has (usually) one pilot inside. There are three different kinds of Mechs, each governed by a different operating system.

One type uses the Electrode Sensor System, or ESS. Another is the Standard Cockpit System, or SCS. The last is the Armor Suit.

Different mechs use a variety of weapons and accessories in battle. Beginner level soldiers usually have minimal customization on their suits, but as they advance in rank and skill, more options become available to the pilots for customizing their suit to their personal fighting style. Different weapons include, but are not limited to, beam sabers, beam rifles, missles (mid- and long-range), extendable limbs, gatling guns, energy melee weapons (like swords, tridents, scythes, etc.) and solid melee weapons (the same, but made out of metals and solid materials instead of energy. These could also be heated or made to vibrate for enhanced power), flamethrowers, mines, etc.

Different defensive accessories could include, but are not limited to, reinforced plating, shields, force fields, cloaking devices (both visual or sensor-specific), etc. Other devices include EMPs (which are incredibly rare and only given to extremely skilled or high ranking soldiers), gravity fluxes, sensor scramblers, etc.


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