In the year 2460, affordable, safe, economical, repeatable space flight had become a reality. There were seven different orbital stations around Earth and two around Mars at that time, each under the financial and executive control of several different leading world powers. Each nation was making breakthrough after breakthrough in physics, chemistry, and fuel and jet propulsion research; but the stations’ major strides were in technology and genetics.

Together, the nations in command of the different stations decided to build a research outpost on the moon. When that went smoothly, the researchers’ families went with them, and in 2473, the first Lunar colony was formed, with residents from all over the globe. In order to govern this new populace, the powers convened, and the Treaty of Earth was written.

The Treaty of Earth established the New Allied Government of Earth, or the New AGE. While the individual nations of Earth remained, the New AGE would direct and govern any and all future colonies in space.

In the first years of Luna, its governance ran smoothly. Its population was mainly geared toward science and research, so its maintenance was simple. During this united Global prosperity, many other colonies were formed: several more stations in orbit around the Earth and Mars, a permanent colony on the Martian surface, and several dangerous pioneer stations sent as far out into the solar system as Jupiter. Miraculously, these outer rim missions were successful. Interplanetary space travel was now a reality.

Over time, the rich and powerful moved to the moon and to other locations throughout the solar system to capitalize on the allure of space. Hotels and spas. The moon became a premier vacation destination. With the influx of money came the influx of people, of all varied cultures and skills. It was good the colonies were formed when they did. The Earth was becoming maddeningly overpopulated. That overflow was sent to space to be governed and taxed by the New AGE.

Seventy-six years after Luna, the New AGE has lost many of its fundamental holds on the colonies. It is getting more and more difficult to maintain effective communication between the colonial Lords and the President of the New AGE. The results have been stated previously: martial law, mob rule, and vigilantism are running rampant throughout the colonies, and the New AGE is running out of resources to quell the fire.

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