Treaty of Mars

“Let it be known that on this day, January 10, 2548, leaders from throughout the colonies met on Mars to discuss the tightening of New AGE military presence throughout space. Like the nations of old, we in space have reached a number, and a self-sufficiency, to warrant our own government and our own laws and practices. The New AGE has enforced unjust martial law, is known for taxing our colonies without our representation on the Cabinet, and has disrupted scientific progress and development to further an unreasonable political agenda.

This document is an official, while informal, declaration of unity among the colonies, as well as an assertion of independence from the New Allied Government of Earth. Let the spirit of this document reign supreme throughout space.

We now assert that we, the residents of space, hereby dissolve all allegiance to the New Allied Government of Earth, and all duties, taxes, and responsibilities thereof.

Should the New AGE reject this declaration, all those present at this meeting and willing volunteers throughout the colonies will create a team of freedom fighters called the Colony Resistance Forces.

We will assert, with force if necessary, our right to live as free citizens of space."

-Excerpts from the Treaty of Mars

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Treaty of Mars

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